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Published: 07th June 2007
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Did you know that you can possibly remove your tattoos and piercing manually? There are moments in a life of a person that he wanted to get a tattoo, and some time late in his life would want to remove the tattoo. Someone or something really in the life of a tattooed person might motivate him or her to get rid of the tattoos. Removing tattoos is possible. Though, there tattoo colors that are very difficult to eradicate. Black however, is the easiest to be removed. A person may persevere to get away with his tattoo manually but the process is similar to scraping the skin, which is harmful and can be infectious. Some scars are likely to be left during the removal of the tattooed skin. Aside from pain which one must endure during the removal of tattoo, the procedure is expensive. Deciding to remove either tattoos or piercings manually must be done wisely. Better yet, if you are not confident about the manual or self-removal of tattoos and piercing, look for better means of removing them that guarantee your safety. Some can heal their piercing in the long run, if no heavy jewelry is dangled in it. In other words, it was left without any jewels being put on which would enlarge the whole.

Did you know why some people decide to remove their tattoos and piercing? There are individuals who during their lifetime, would come across to a lifes turning point and for some personally determined reasons would have new love interests, paradigm and fashion statement shift or the realization that a tattoo and piercing are not their edge points for better employment or job opportunities. In their lives, they come across to a realization that even without the body piercing and body tattoo, they can also become distinctly themselves unique, vibrant and with individualized identity. The teens during the puberty age must counter identity crises; otherwise they would carry the unsettled crises even during their later stages. When a person has bumped with the reality that body art isnt after all good to everyones eyes, s/he may still remove his tattoos and piercings in order to be better acceptable in the society. Nowadays, most of the human races or groups are no longer much linked to tattoos and piercings as their ceremonial rites, instead, these two become options of arts or interests. There are consequences however, if one would choose to remove his tattoos and piercing. The pains are bearable especially if the interested persons are strongly driven by his will to please his or her love interest, new affiliations and the likes.

Did you know of issues which you have to consider in having you piercings be removed? Are your pierced areas infected? If they are infected, then the removal of piercings seems impossible. The infection in this case, has its tendency to spread throughout the patients body. Whether you have acquired an infection or not from body piercing, you need to consult a health care professional for immediate treatment. The medical consultation must be done prior to the removal of the body piercing. To those who had nostril piercings, they have to be carefully guided of the probable health outcome when infection occurs because the pierced body part is prone to worse cases of infections. Removing a piercing may leave a permanent reminder of the piercing, a keloid. Closing a pierced nostril or eyebrow will likely result to a lifetime scar. Whenever you have first decided to have a part of your body be pierced, bear in mind if that part is safe to be pierced. Consider the potential infections and the consequences if you would think of removing it years after. These issues must be given to the patients as part of orientation about what they are entering into the life of a person with piercing. Body piercing is a choice but it must be a carefully thought and planned product of the freewill.

Did you know that Body Piercing and Body Tattoo are not only a fashion? Why do many people choose to have body piercing and tattoos? Are they not threatened by the danger the pierces and tattoos can bring forth their health? Popularity of these body arts must not only be the stimulus that prompts many to try these body modifications as well. The royalty and the courage that body piercing and tattoos are associated with, also had influenced the Egyptian Pharaohs to pierce their navels as a rite of passage, the Roman soldiers show their manhood through pierced nipples, Mayas show their spiritual rituals through pierced tongues, Victorians pierced their nipples and or genitals and other people do other body markings for other rites aside from fashion purposes. Out of being a spiritual rite, a number of natives do avail any piercing and tattooing on their body parts. Because, these have been practiced for centuries, they are hard to be refuted in aspects that involve sanitation of the materials used. Either for the sake of fashion or rites, the persons who want to have body tattoos or piercing must be forewarned of the effects these would do unto their body instead of just blindly following the norms or the fashion of the contemporary times.

Did you know of factors that impede the easier removal of tattoo? The removal of tattoo is not at all easy and possible in one session. Its complete removal, however, is difficult because of some factors. The age of tattoo is one of the factors. If a person has acquired the tattoo for almost three to five decades, the tendency to remove the colors or ink of the tattoo becomes a big challenge. The size of the tattoo and inks types and colors are also few of the factors that make the removal of tattoo a bit hard. A dermatologist can help resolve your worries about your tattoo and how it can be better removed. Your dermatologist can prescribe anesthesia if s/he found out that you need it. In addition, the dermatologist can inform you if all of your tattoos have the possibility to be removed. The process of removing the tattoo does not take an overnight process; rather the whole process reaches for about several months. The removal experience of tattoo is almost likened to getting a new tattoo because of almost similar pains. The removed tattoo become a wound part and must be scrupulously looked after and not be scrubbed or rubbed. Tattoo is supposedly designed for permanence but if you may still have it remove when you decide it only that the whole removal procedure is worse than the first time you had your body tattoo.

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